O&M Service
In-Building Solution (IBS)
Built To Suit

TAWAL selects an optimum spot and constructs wireless communication towers, tailor-made to match your business needs.

What is Built-to-suit?

We undertake the building of ultramodern telecom towers end-to-end, from zoning and site acquisition to delivery to network operators. The passive infrastructure includes the site, tower and a shelter and power supply. Once the site is built, we assess its colocation potential and explore ways to attract other tenants to lease spaces on it.

Our Built-to-Suit product offers clients a wide range of solutions tailored to fit their needs and capacity. In areas where acquisition is a challenge, we offer the option of building sites that require smaller land area, such as rooftops. This product is complemented with our O&M services through which we operate and maintain the sites on behalf of our tenants.

This solution offers an array of benefits across the board, from improved quality and range of services to better cash flows management. Built-to-Suit ensures that carriers obtain the telecom infrastructure model they need in order to expand their connectivity and reach remote areas, while considerably reducing costs through saving on capital expenses.

How does it benefit you business?

  1. Cutting costs and achieving better cash flows management
  2. Simplifying site selection, contracts management and supplier relations
  3. Expanding the range and expediting the rollout of cutting-edge technology
  4. Avoiding the hassle of operating and maintaining the site
  5. Mitigating the risk of owning and managing individual towers