What is Built-to-suit?

We undertake the building of ultramodern telecom towers end-to-end, from zoning and site acquisition to delivery to our clients. We build to suit your passive infrastructure, including the site, tower, shelter and power supply. Once the site is built, we assess its colocation potential and explore ways to attract other tenants to lease spaces on it. In areas where acquisition is a challenge, we offer the option of building sites that require smaller land area, such as rooftops.

Our Built-to-Suit product offers clients a wide range of solutions tailored to fit their needs and capacity. This product is complemented with our O&M services through which we operate and maintain the sites on behalf of our tenants. This solution offers an array of benefits across the board, from improved quality and range of services to better cash flows management. Built-to-Suit ensures that carriers obtain the telecom infrastructure model they need in order to expand their connectivity and reach remote areas, while considerably reducing costs through saving on capital expenses.


How does Built-to-Suit benefit your business?
  1. Cutting costs and achieving better cash flows management
  2. Simplifying site selection, contracts management and supplier relations
  3. Expanding the range and expediting the rollout of cutting-edge technology
  4. Avoiding the hassle of operating and maintaining the site
  5. Mitigating the risk of owning and managing your towers
What is Lite Built to Suit?

Lite Built to Suit is TAWAL innovative proposition for clients that require more flexibility when it comes to the contractual commitment and payment setups. With this proposition, TAWAL undertakes the building of ultra-modern telecom infrastructure based on the client’s customized requirements. The scope encompasses the stages from zoning and site acquisition to delivery of the passive infrastructure, which includes the site, tower, shelter, and power supply.

The product offers clients a wide range of solutions tailored to fit their requirements. In areas where a commercial power grid is not available, Lite B2S offers alternative power sources to ensure availability even in rural and remote areas. Depending on the Model examined, the product is complemented with O&M service through which TAWAL will operate and maintain the sites on behalf of the client during the contract period.


How Does Lite Built to Suit Benefit Your Business?
  1. Boosting preparedness for networks presence.
  2. Allowing rollout of innovative services, even in rural areas.
  3. Saving time and effort through relaying operation and maintenance activities during the flexible contract period.
  4. Transferring the risk and management of running independent telecom infrastructure facilities.
  5. Reducing environmental impact through promoting shareability and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
What is Colocation?

Colocation refers to the mutual use of a single site to mount multiple telecommunications antennas or equipment operated by different carriers or enterprises. Consolidation enables & encourages operators to dismantle their existing sites and move their equipment to our  existing sites at lower fees. This full-fledged eco-friendly solution allows clients including network operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), private enterprises, and government entities to share the passive infrastructure by leasing spaces on our existing telecom towers, enabling them to densify their presence with ease. 

Through Colocation, carriers & enterprise entities can utilize our broad portfolio of over 15,000 towers, spread across the Kingdom, to expand their services and reach remote destinations and rural areas. Our innovative predefined colocation packages deliver an attractive variety of options & setups to fit a diverse demand from a wide client base. Colocation solutions include O&M services through which we undertake all activities related to operating and maintaining the passive infrastructure on behalf of our tenants. We ensure an integrated, top-notch service with high network stability through deploying a range of facilities, including installation, power supply, and security.


How does it benefit your business?
  1. Saving on direct operating costs and minimizing leasing rates by tower sharing
  2. Boosting preparedness to increase network capacity and improve coverage
  3. Allowing quicker rollout of innovative services, even in rural areas
  4. Saving time and effort through relaying on our operation and maintenance activities
  5. Transferring the risk associated with managing your own independent facilities
  6. Reducing environmental impact through contributing to a lower carbon footprint
What is Lite Colocation?

An alternative Colocation setup tailored for specific segments or cases where requirements differ from the traditional Colocation setup. For any customer that needs to set their coverage, whether telecom or non-telecom coverage, Lite Colocation is a product that gives the customer tailored specs to host their telecom equipment. Unlike the standard Colocation product, Lite Colocation has flexible commitment plans at a competitive fee. While leveraging TAWAL’s footprint, Lite Colocation will offer the services at flexible commitment terms, competitive rates, and flexible payment options. Using our ultra-modern telecom infrastructure, TAWAL will cater to the clients’ customized needs by choosing from various models and specifications. The scope includes the same stages of standard Colocation from surveying, passive equipment installation through O&M.


How Does Lite Colocation Benefit Your Business?
  1. Accelerating the implementation and roll-out process for client's services.
  2. Relying on an already rolled-out infrastructure makes it easy to scale your business up smoothly.
  3. Boosting preparedness for networks presence.
  4. Allowing roll-out of innovative services.
  5. Saving time and effort through relaying operation and maintenance activities during the flexible contract period.
  6. Transferring the risk and management of running independent telecom infrastructure facilities.
  7. Reducing environmental impact through promoting shareability and contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
What is In-Building Solution (IBS)?

In TAWAL, we provide comprehensive infrastructure solutions to fulfill our clients’ various needs, including In-Building Solution (IBS) as part of its product portfolio, covering design, implementation and operation phases to boost internal coverage across airports, hospitals, universities, stadiums, hotels, malls, commercial buildings, towers, governmental entities, and other buildings. IBS supports our customers from telecom companies, building landlords and real estate owners by providing superior internal coverage with cutting-edge technologies

It allows you to optimize the capital expenses by enhancing the concept of infrastructure sharing among all our clients, while providing operation and maintenance services to achieve the highest standards of operational efficiency. This kind of solutions will enhance the experience of our clients who lead the mega projects and businesses in the Kingdom, which will help increasing the reliability of their networks and services. The In-Building Solutions include leasing internal spaces, providing preventive maintenance, fault management, energy management, and other services.

How does IBS support your business?
  1. Providing superior internal coverage for crowded areas
  2. Enhancing network capacity to support high-speed data services
  3. Providing coverage in areas that outdoor towers have difficulties reaching, such as basement and the upper floors of high-rise buildings
  4. Providing a cost-effective solution to cater the growing number of users
  5. Accelerating the testing & deployment of the latest technologies
Fiber Facility

TAWAL's Fiber Facility will pave the way for service providers to deliver next-generation networks and technologies by supporting the increased data traffic and high-density demand of 5G networks and IoT functions. This solution allows our clients to connect through fiber infrastructure within our sites to their core network, increasing efficiency and lowering the cost. Furthermore, Fiber Facility provides increased reliability and access to more advanced capabilities utilizing higher bandwidth.

Fiber Facility is provided under the two following models: .

  • Fiber to the Tower (FTTT) Model, in which TAWAL via its associated fiber partners provide fiber backhaul service to its existing tenants. This model allows TAWAL to serve its tenants directly.
  • Fiber Facility Access (FFA) Model, which allows the Fiber Providers to extend their backhaul services and serve TAWAL tenants directly.
How can Fiber Facility benefit your business?
  1. Boosting capacity through fiber to keep pace with the growing business requirements without the distance and throughput limitations present in other technologies.
  2. Offering superior and reliable fiber backhaul uptime leading to increased subscriber satisfaction.
  3. Boosting preparedness for emerging technologies such as 5G.
  4. OpEx Reduction as fiber is more convenient to operate and maintain in comparison to other wireless technologies.
What is Coverage as a Service (CaaS)

CaaS is a supplementary product that TAWAL provides on top of Lite Built-to-Suit and In-Building Solution products, through which, TAWAL provides a full-fledged telecom infrastructure solution to end clients, that includes passive and active equipment, in partnership with mobile network operators.

How CaaS can help Mobile Network Operators:

  1. Extending the coverage by easing the financial barriers for the MNOs for a widened network while the risk is minimal
  2. Reducing capital investments by facilitating telecom equipment costs which can be directed to high-priority investments.
  3. Optimizing operational costs through end-customer subsidies.
  4. Attracting new customers at minimal customer acquisition costs
  5. Ensuring an enhanced customer experience by improving network coverage
How CaaS can help our non-MNO clients:
  1. Dealing with single point of contact for telecom infrastructure services for indoor and outdoor coverage.
  2. Improving productivity by utilizing a solid network coverage to empower the business operational activities.
  3. Ensuring faster time to market by accelerating the implementation process.
  4. Enhancing end-user experience by meeting the entity expectations from network coverage.
What is O&M as a service?

O&M service includes maintaining the passive infrastructure on a particular site, including the tower, shelters and power supply, in line with the best international practices and the highest safety compliance standards. At TAWAL we undertake tech-savvy maintenance and operation activities for our clients’ owned infrastructure with premium and cost-efficient O&M services, levering on our experience in tower operations and our nationwide presence.


How does O&M benefit your business?
  1. Expert operations and maintenance services at a lower cost
  2. Effective quality control
  3. Advanced key performance monitoring and incident management following best practices
What is a Smart Pole?

Smart Poles, TAWAL's latest service, offer a solution that combines various modern services and technologies while maintaining the environmental and aesthetic landscape of the location. Catering to service providers, large-scale projects, and others, Smart Poles aim to enhance communication services within your facility, boost the network quality, and extend its coverage. Furthermore, this product assists End Customers and those within its scope, enabling them to access the latest technologies, such as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).


How can Smart Poles support your business?
  1. Ensure a minimal site footprint to preserve the environmental and aesthetic landscape.
  2. Boost and expand the communication network.
  3. Provide charging stations for mobile devices and electric vehicles.
  4. Enable the implementation of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things.
  5. Improve safety and security levels at Smart Poles locations with the presence of surveillance cameras and emergency response.
  6. Reduce capital expenditures.
  7. Enhance the end-user experience.


Smart Pole features
  1. Full range luminaires
  2. Public WIFI
  3. 5G ready
  4. Camera
  5. Environment sensor
  6. LED display
  7. Speaker
  8. Emergency call button
  9. Charging station for mobile devices and electric vehicles
What is Flexi tower?

It is one of TAWAL tower services, known for its flexible towers that can be quickly installed, equipped, and dismantled. It offers temporary contractual commitment with monthly service fees to meet short-term passive telecom infrastructure needs for events and seasonal demands. The towers come in multiple designs that blend with the surrounding environment and meet visual requirements set by authorities or event organizers.


How can Flexi Tower support your business?
  1. The rapid rollout of telecommunications and technology services within a short timeframe.
  2. Short-term commitment with monthly service fees commensurate with seasons and events of a temporary nature.
  3. Meet compliance with the aesthetic and visual characteristics of the location imposed by the authorities or event’s organizers.
  4. Eliminate the burden of CAPEX required to build up telecom infrastructure and convert it into OPEX that achieves the best returns with high efficiency.


Flexi Tower features:
  1. Quick infrastructure readiness is required during events and temporary seasons.
  2. Achieve best operational efficiency by shareable site model between operators.
  3. Fully-Fledged Telecom and advanced technologies Infrastructure.
  4. Aesthetically compliant with various designs aligned with the surrounding environment and available with three options: Flexi Camo, Flexi Rapid and Flexi Cell on Wheels (CoW).

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