The secret behind our success at TAWAL is working according to our values which represent a framework that elevates our work culture and drives our employees achieve maximum efficiency, which is reflected on our clients’ goals and aspirations.

At TAWAL, we are committed to developing the infrastructure of the Information and Communication Technology Sector in order to achieve the aspirations of the Kingdom in digital transformation. As such, we aim to accomplish our vision of leading the infrastructure of Information and Communication Technology Sector in the region, which through attracting the best talents.

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We always look forward to striving for greater successes by overcoming challenges in an inspiring work environment that thrives according to our values that are represented through:


  1. Thinking Big: We don’t limit ourselves. Our ambition is to always grow and reach further, in the way we think and the success we achieve
  2. Breathing Efficiency: If there’s a better way to do things, we want to find it. We use our curiosity to improve, turning bright ideas into smarter ways of working
  3. Delivering Everyday: Making it happen, hitting our deadlines, delivering on our promises. Our strength lies in the amazing service we deliver and the trust that we build
  4. Enabling Customers: We stay close to our customers. We anticipate their needs and work together to make their ambitions a reality
  5. Having Fun: Great things come from a great place to work. Our freedom, energy and spirit empowers us to have fun, learn, grow and be our best
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