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TAWAL Finalizes Preparations for Hajj Season

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RIYADH, June 22, 2023 – TAWAL, the leading Saudi regional ICT infrastructure company, has completed its preparations for Hajj, consolidating its services to better serve Mobile Network Operators in cooperation with the relevant official authorities and Hajj committees.

This year, TAWAL has advanced the resilience of all Hajj sites serving pilgrims. As part of this work, the ICT infrastructure provider has carried out over 1,000 checks for its network of tower sites and conducted maintenance activities across the full range of Hajj sites. To boost security, more than 100 pieces of backup and disaster recovery equipment have been installed, with TAWAL allocating more than 120 field technicians to ensure the best service quality. Over 500 sites have also been modernized to cater to increased traffic, while more than 300 sites have been upgraded to meet customers’ 5G demands.

To enable its clients from telecom operators to serve pilgrims' journeys, TAWAL has built 11 new tower sites to improve coverage and capacity. The company has also committed resources to ensure quality logistical support is provided.

Logistically, the provider has also equipped Field Operation Teams with motorcycles and electric scooters. This will help facilitate swift and seamless transportation within the Mashaer and congested areas while lowering carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

In addition to collaborating with Hajj Committees to facilitate the transport of field teams and supporting staff, TAWAL has also set about carrying out extensive monitoring and reporting. The provider has also put mechanisms in place to prepare for any emergencies.

Eng. Saeed Alshehri, Chief Operating Officer, TAWAL, said "As a leading ICT infrastructure company, we play a pivotal role in ensuring the support of mobile operators in the holy sites in order to provide the best possible service to customers and meet their needs. This is especially important at this time of year. We have made an extra effort to prepare for the Hajj season by updating and upgrading the locations of the towers in Al-Mashaer, in addition to applying the best logistical measures to strengthen our infrastructure and enhance the journey of pilgrims."

TAWAL is a leading Saudi ICT Infrastructure company and owns more than 16,000 telecommunication towers in the Kingdom. It provides innovative services and solutions for this vital and rapidly growing sector. TAWAL aims to lead the technology transformation in the Kingdom by providing exemplary services to its clients looking for reliable and cost-effective infrastructure, ensuring an ideal environment to meet their needs. TAWAL works to enhance and share the infrastructure with its customers to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate negative environmental impacts. The company is a major player in the Kingdom’s telecom infrastructure industry and aspires to expand its services to cover other international markets.